Title File Date
Proceedings of the meeting held on 11th February 2019 11-02-2019
Regarding Agenda of the Monthly Review Meeting February 2019 07-02-2019
Obligation to take NSQF certified people in regular and contractual job 03-01-2019
Regarding Industrial Visit of Vocational Education 15-11-2018
The scheme of vocationalization of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education-List job roles 20-08-2018
Medical Leaves to Vocational Trainers 30-06-2018
List of Job roles under revised pattern 25-06-2018
Regarding Presence of Vocational Trainers during Diwali or Festival Break 17-10-2017
Regarding Presence of Vocational Students & Trainers during Vacations 17-07-2017
Regarding Presence of Vocational Trainers during Vacations 06-07-2017