The basic objective of the scheme is to prepare educated and employable youth for the various sector of economy and global market. Since the students passing out of the vocational education are below 18 years of age they do not get placement. In this regards provision of providing "Apprenticeship Training" is included in the scheme of Vocationalisation of schools education under Samagra Shiksha frame work.

Apprenticeship has been recognized as one of the most efficient ways to develop skilled manpower by utilizing the infrastructure and training facilities available in the establishments. This is because, apprenticeship training not only provides an optimum balance between theory classroom training and hands on experience; it updates the apprentice's skills and knowledge of various workplace related codes, safety rules and regulations, procedures, proper use of tools, troubleshooting, team work and communication skills.
Thus provision of "Apprenticeship Training" introduced for interested passed out vocational students under 18 years of age and thereafter a job.