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Subject: Mr.Nipun Thakur, GSSS Kandaghat(ITes)

Description: Name: Nipun Thakur
School: GSSS Kandaghat
District: Solan
Passout year: 2015-2016
Monthly Income: 8K-12K
Curiosity is the term that makes a person to follow his dreams. Most of the time, it doesn't matter what hardship will be waiting on the road to success. Such is the case of Mr Nipun Thakur (2015-16 Batch), From the first day of his class in ITES, he has this glaze in his eyes for networking and computer related activities. Such passion and intensity of the curiosity towards this subject made him to change his life goals as he pursued the stream of digital, designing, video-editing, Networking etc. and at present successfully earning his livelihood in the same field. Such is the impact of practicality of vocational courses.
He had learned many skill with vocational training ,even familiar with most of the hardware and Networking related work. His passion has provided him enough skills that he earns well at this early age of his life.