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Subject: Mr. Tek Chand, GSSS Kandaghat

Description: Name: Tek Chand
School: GSSS Kandaghat
District: Solan
Passout year: 2016-17
Stipend: 12,000 p.m.

I am Tek Chand S/o Sh Ram Parsad. My home Address is VPO Kandagaht. I had studied automobile at
GSSS Kandaghat Distt. Solan from 9 th class to 10 th class in Session 2016-2017. In year 2015 I had taken
admission in class 9 th in Automobile trade. That time I was confused about choosing optional subject in
vocational trade. But I had select Automobile trade. During in 9 th class I found my interest in Automobile
due to my teacher. In this trade I have develop technical capability through Automobile subject. I was
able to score good marks in Automobile subject also. During this study period I had found that I can see
my future in automobile subject. Now I have placed in Maruti Suzuki Maneser Haryana with good salary
package (around 13328/-). Now I am earning with good income and take care of my family as well.
Vocational Education was my basic foundation to get employment. It teaches me aloat about how
to stand on own foot. In earlier past my family background was weak. My father was daily wage
worker and my mother was housewife and I have one brother and sister as well they both are

studying. And my family yearly income was 25000/-. So my whole family was found difficult to
surviving. But after when I had placed in Maruti Suzuki Maneser through IISD Parwanoo.
Thereafter I had capable to look myself as well as my family livelihood. I want to thanks to my
teacher and nevertheless I want to thanks IISD Parwanoo to place me in such a reputed company.