Internship/On-Job Training (OJT) is an essential component of NSQF based Vocational Education. A student is expected to undergo On-job training during vacations for at least 80 hours in a job role. On-job training are work-based activities in which students engage in learning by doing in the workplaces relevant to their trade. The objective of Hands on Training / OJT is to provide students with an opportunity to gain relevant skills and experience in the field of their vocational studies. It provides student's exposure to the 'world of work' and helps in smooth transition from 'school to work'. It gives the students a first-hand experience of working in a real-life work environment. Thus, providing an opportunity for students to:

  • Translate their acquired skills and theoretical knowledge from the classroom to /practical experience in the professional ecosystem
  • Gain an understanding of specific trade and the various practices and protocols within the chosen industry
  • Develop transferable skills such as communication, networking and thus helping in personal development and boosting their future job prospects.

  • Hands on Training / OJT has to be arranged for Class IX to XII students enrolled under NSQF compliant Vocational Education, for a minimum of 80 hours per job role. Hands on Training / OJT needs to be facilitated with consent from parents/local guardians and support from VTPs and HoS. Hands on Training / OJT needs to be closely monitored and evaluated by VTPs with help of respective HoS.