Co-Curricular Activities

Portfolio is to be maintained by each vocational students under the supervision of VTs at school. They are useful collection of material spread over span of time which can display the student's interest, capabilities and their achievements in trade they are pursuing under vocational education. It captures the students learning and provide ample foundation for student- VTs discussion and collaboration. The student can reflect their creativity through these portfolios.

Role play is a technique which allows vocational students to understand and explore real situations by engaging in interaction with other persons in a managed way thereby developing experience in situation handling in a supported environment. It's an effective way to encourage students to develop communication skills and handling inter-personal relations in a work environment. In a way it enriches students' capacity and skills.

A. Innovative Practices:
The introduction of vocational education in formal education is to equip our students with skills and knowledge for making them industry ready. In this 21st century employment scenario we need to prepare our students in accordance in the fast pace changing employment scene with technological development taking place every day.

Electronic learning is accepted as a human resource development modality, particularly for stimulating learner-centredmethod. Hence, efforts would be made to make available on-line learning materials for different modules of the vocational courses. PSSCIVE and other Institutes/agencies having requisite experience and expertise will develop or e-materials for various vocational courses and would make them available to the States/UTs for application. The State/UT Government shall provide necessary and sufficient infrastructure in schools for effective use of multimedia for which provisions have been made in the Scheme. Infrastructure and software etc provided under various ICT schemes / initiatives being implemented by Central and State Governments at the secondary and higher secondary level should also be appropriately leveraged at the school level for imparting vocational education under the Scheme.