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Description: Speaking of transformation attained via guidance received from teachers and peers, Mr Bablu Thakur (2016-17 batch) is another name that one can cite as an example of transgressing the conventional roles by transforming oneself into a self-dependent and virtuous personality. A son of Rajmistri from Bihar, settled in another state temporarily as his father has got some construction work here but despite that merely following the footprints of his father or joining his family’s established business, Mr. Bablu decided to make his life by himself, and he pursued the vocational course IT/ITES to follow his passion. The practicality equipped course like vocational skill not only provide him with a base to start but also ensured his conscience that learning is the ultimate way to every supremely designed structure or art. The practical
based-curricular enhanced his confidence, and without any regret, he is pursuing his passion. Examples like Mr. Bablu is rare to witness, a son of Rajmistri is expected to be the same, but he chose to be a Data entry operator at PAN India office at Kandaghat and earning 10,000/ Rs. Per month. Genuine transformation isn’t easy, but Bablu shows us it’s possible.